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shublog's Journal
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Thursday, February 15th, 2018
6:41 pm
Date: 02/15/2018
Time: 5:22am
Duration: 0:34:00
Location: Neighborhood

Sport: Running
Workout: 3 mile run
Distance: 3.08 miles

Weather: 66 degrees, humid
People: Alone

I ran! Things had been feeling good, and my right foot wasn't bothering me for a few days, so I decided to do a test run. I figured I'd run up toward Mesa, and turn around if things hurt, and if they didn't feel great, I'd turn around at a mile and do 2 total, and if they felt okay, I'd do my 3 mile loop. When I got to the first decision point, I felt just fine, so I did 3.

It was super slow, but miraculously, everything felt just fine. My legs had some hamstring fatigue from swimming, but my feet felt fine, my legs felt fine.. the weather sucked a lot, but that was the only thing wrong.

So maybe I'm back! I'm going to keep the runs super short for a while. The next one will be 3, as well, I imagine. And just make sure my body is ready to be doing this again. I'm not afraid to take more time off if my body wants it.

But it really felt good to be running again.
6:37 pm
Date: 02/14/2018
Time: 11:35am
Duration: 0:30:58
Location: Gregory Gym outdoor pool

Sport: Swimming
Workout: Lunch swim
Distance: 1600 yards

Weather: 60 degrees, overcast/foggy
People: Alone

I didn't want to swim 3 days in a row, so I didn't swim Monday, then I had lunch obligations Tuesday and Thursday, so I really wanted to swim Wednesday. Almost got derailed because all the Matts were in my office talking forever at lunchtime, but then I managed to get away.

It was actually a really good swim. Starting out, I just felt.. kinda normal. Like swimming was maybe a thing I did again? Since I was on a roll, I just did a straight 1000 for warmup. Nice and easy and solid. I also did bilateral breathing nearly the entire time, and it felt fine. No dizziness, no ears full of water, etc.

After the warmup, I decided to try to push a little, so I did 5x100 on 2:00. I was pleased that I came in fast enough to get some rest! 1:43, 1:42, 1:43, 1:43, 1:43. Consistent!

Then I did 100 pull to cool down. I thought about doing more, but then realized ending on a positive note would be nice. And not being so exhausted I didn't want to swim again soon.
Sunday, February 11th, 2018
6:16 pm
Date: 02/11/2018
Time: 12:10pm
Duration: 0:49:07
Location: Gold's Gym pool

Sport: Swimming
Workout: Easy swim
Distance: 2300 yards

Weather: n/a
People: Karen

When I was waffling on my Saturday swim, Karen said I could join her on Sunday at Gold's for a swim. I figured two swims in two days, as long as I kept it easy, would be great for motivating myself back into regular swimming. Karen got me into her Gold's Gym as a guest, and even though the pool looked crowded as we walked by, when we got there there was an empty lane that we claimed and split.

Karen was doing 2700ish, so I just kept swimming for a while as she swam. I finally felt Done and got out and sat in the hot tub waiting for her to be done. I ended up doing 2300, some swimming, some pulling, even 100 breast, all told. I was definitely tired by the end, and then completely wiped out and braindead for the rest of the day. It's amazing how hard it is to come back.

I'm hoping that after a few weeks of short, easy swims, I might be able to try out a short masters swim again.
Saturday, February 10th, 2018
6:09 pm
Date: 02/10/2018
Time: 1:40pm
Duration: 0:31:29
Location: Pure Austin pool

Sport: Swimming
Workout: Easy swim
Distance: 1600 yards

Weather: In the high 40s, overcast, windy
People: Alone

Ended up taking a week completely off after Rocky. I probably might have benefited from an easy swim sooner, but I just couldn't motivate myself to do it at lunch any time during the week. And I really didn't want to do this swim either. Especially after a cold front blew in and made it cold. But I hemmed and hawed for a few hours, and finally got off my ass and went and swam. I know I need to take time off running, but there's no reason I can't use this recovery time to ease back into swimming. In anticipation of that swimrun thing in less than 2 months.

It felt good at first. Then it felt hard. I did some swimming, some pulling, then more swimming. Just everything nice and easy. No pain pushing off the wall from my sore foot. No pain from my left shoulder that I jarred at Rocky. Soreness from my usual suspect right shoulder. So that didn't just magically go away in the interim. Damn.

Proud that I went and swam finally.
Saturday, February 3rd, 2018
6:05 pm
Saturday (and Sunday).
Date: 02/03/2018
Time: 6:00am
Duration: 29:12:59
Location: Huntsville State Park

Sport: Running
Workout: Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail run
Distance: 100 miles (I guess)

Weather: 40s-50s, overcast to raining
People: Many, many

Race report here.
Thursday, February 1st, 2018
1:17 pm
Date: 02/01/2018
Time: 8:18am
Duration: 0:32:43
Location: Neighborhood

Sport: Running
Workout: 3 mile run
Distance: 3.09 miles

Weather: 55 degrees, humid, sunnyish
People: Alone

And so I ran my last run before my first 100 miler. I took Thursday off as a "get stuff done" day, so I wouldn't have to stress. I slept in. I took my time getting ready. Then I rolled out the door to do a super, super easy run. Of course, it was prime drive-to-work time, so lots of cars out. I was nervous on Spicewood where nobody looks for runners, but managed not to get run over. Then I almost got run over as I ran by Anderson High on Mesa, because someone exited the parking lot without even stopping. I yelled very loudly at her, then we just stared at each other, then she rolled on.

Other than that, it was a typical last run before a race. Legs felt super crappy. At least at this point I know to expect it, so I never thought, "If running 3 miles feels this bad, how can I possibly run 100?" Part of the process.

And now the rest of the day is shopping, packing, staying calm, before we hit the road tomorrow.

11:01, 10:27, 10:15
Tuesday, January 30th, 2018
1:10 pm
Date: 01/30/2018
Time: 4:59am
Duration: 0:52:39
Location: Neighborhood

Sport: Running
Workout: 5 mile run
Distance: 5.06 miles

Weather: 38
People: Alone

Next to last run before Rocky! My original plan was to have this be my last run to work, but when I ramped up my taper, I decided to bring this down to 5. Of course, that meant I was LEAVING for my run at the same time as I would be WAKING UP if I were running 7 miles to work. Hrmph.

The run was fine. Other than the always-terrible first uphill mile, my legs just felt fairly normal. The weather was good. It did feel like the longest run ever. Part of me wants to run so many miles to get my legs as ready as possible, and then part of me doesn't want to run at all. 5 miles when you just want to either do the race or be done feels like a billion miles.

Overall, slow but fairly okay for a taper run.
11:10, 10:31, 10:10, 9:55, 10:13
Sunday, January 28th, 2018
6:12 pm
Date: 01/28/2018
Time: 9:42am
Duration: 0:52:46
Location: Barton Creek Greenbelt

Sport: Running
Workout: 4 mile trail run
Distance: 4.03 miles

Weather: 55 degrees, overcast and then sunny
People: Matt!

Originally I figured we'd do a full out to BS and back, but given my more aggressive taper, and being somewhat paranoid about a trail run this close to the race, we decided to cut it back to 4 miles total. And it was a test run for both of us: Matt was testing out his new pack, I was testing out my spare pack (I'd used its bottles, but never the pack itself) and my new spare Hoka Challengers. They are definitely the BACKUP shoe, since they worked just fine, but only have 4 miles on them, so aren't rigorously tested.

It was a good run. MUCH better weather than yesterday, and Matt and I both felt good, and it was a short run, and we ran into Jim Pacey on the way back and chatted a bit, and just took it easy and safe.

Last trail run before Rocky.
Saturday, January 27th, 2018
8:28 am
Date: 01/27/2018
Time: 8:12am
Duration: 1:01:34
Location: Neighborhood

Sport: Running
Workout: 6 mile run
Distance: 6.04 miles

Weather: 63, humid, overcast
People: Alone

My original plan for the last weeks of Rocky training had this Saturday as 10 miles. Given how tired and rough my legs have felt over the last week, I decided to taper more aggressively than I originally planned. In hopes of my legs feeling okay by race start. I know all runs feel shitty during taper, but the fatigue worries me. So to do everything I can, all runs are now shorter!

6 sounded feasible, and since I wasn't going to get up to run at 6am with Rogue for only 6 miles, I slept in. And bleh, the weather was terrible. I'm fine with it getting it out of its system now, so we can have better weather in a week.

But the run was fine. The first mile sucked, per usual, but then my legs warmed up, and I just did a lot of planning and self-talk in my head. Positive self-talk. It felt nice to only be doing 6. The sun threatened to come out at one point, which I guess would have burned off some of the fog/humidity, but I was glad it mostly stayed away and didn't warm up.

Overall a slow run, but one that made me feel a little better about the possibility that my legs will shake some of this fatigue by next Saturday.

10:57, 10:22, 10:01, 10:01, 9:58, 9:53
Thursday, January 25th, 2018
7:58 pm
Date: 01/25/2018
Time: 5:38am
Duration: 1:13:15
Location: Home to work

Sport: Running
Workout: Run to work
Distance: 7.12 miles

Weather: 38 degrees
People: Alone

I was thinking I'd do one more run to work next week, but then I thought maybe that was too much, too close. So maybe this was my last run to work while training for Rocky!

The weather was good, cold. My legs felt pretty decent. I was actually surprised when I got to work to see that I'd run so much slower than it felt like I was running. But the absolute last thing I'm worried about at Rocky is my pace (unless I'm walking). So I do not care what pace I'm running, especially if I feel great, which I did.

10:35, 10:20, 10:06, 10:26, 10:13, 10:05, 10:04
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
7:54 pm
Date: 01/23/2018
Time: 5:37am
Duration: 1:12:23
Location: Home to work

Sport: Running
Workout: Run to work
Distance: 7.12 miles

Weather: 40 degrees
People: Alone

I started running, and I thought, "I actually feel pretty good!" No pain, no real soreness. Then maybe 3 minutes later, I realized my legs felt pretty fatigued. But still not terrible. Just heavy and sluggish. Still, after 23, 13, then one off day, I'll take heavy but otherwise fine.

10:43, 10:15, 9:58, 10:22, 10:04, 9:53, 9:47
Sunday, January 21st, 2018
6:18 pm
Date: 01/21/2018
Time: 7:35am
Duration: 2:16:45
Location: Austin

Sport: Running
Workout: 3M half marathon
Distance: 13.1 miles

Weather: 65 degrees, overcast, humid to drizzling
People: Various!

Race report here.
Saturday, January 20th, 2018
5:14 pm
Date: 01/20/2018
Time: 4:29am
Duration: 4:10:14
Location: Home to Rogue to Travis Country and back to Rogue

Sport: Running
Workout: 23 mile run
Distance: 23.23 miles

Weather: Mid 50s, humid to drizzling, overcast
People: Alone, then Matt, then alone

Last longer run of my Rocky training! Karen was planning on doing 3M, so didn't want to run long on Saturday. And Rogue was only offering up to 16 miles for their long run. So I had some figuring out to do. Matt originally offered to do the 16 with me, but then the weather was terrible and he's been sick, so he said he could do 8ish. It took some figuring out and planning, but I came up with a ridiculous and workable plan!

I got up at 3:30 (well, 3:15, because I can't sleep until my alarm), left the house at 4:30, ran to Rogue. Refilled my water and peed at Rogue, and also picked up turn by turns for the 16 mile run. Then I started the run, which was an out and back. 4 miles in, Matt met me on the course and we ran to the turnaround and then back to where he'd parked. He then drove back to Rogue to pick me up, and I ran back to Rogue. I hadn't really known what distance I wanted to do, other than "more than 21", since I did 21 last week. Doing the run directly from home and then the 16ish Rogue offered got me just over 23, and that seemed perfect.

It was tough. The weather was pretty bad. Only mid 50s, but so humid. And it was pretty hilly, in Travis Country. And Steve had us run on an actual trail, even though the sun wasn't up yet. It was a non-issue on the way back in, when it was lighter, but a little scary and unsafe on the way out.

But it was fine. It was wonderful having Matt there for 8 miles, I had no problems with the course, either mine or Rogue's, and I got my 23 miles in! Very slowly, because weather. And because I knew I had a half marathon the next day.
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
3:30 pm
Date: 01/17/2018
Time: 4:41am
Duration: 2:01:15
Location: Home to work

Sport: Running
Workout: Run to work
Distance: 12.09 miles

Weather: 18 degrees. Cold. Really cold. (But dry!)
People: Alone

It's a good thing I did my run on Monday, because as predicted, the weather was terrible on Tuesday, and UT cancelled classes/work. But it was too frozey to actually go run, even though I could have run in the neighborhood. It looked like UT might delay start for Wednesday, even, since it never warmed up above freezing between when they cancelled and when UT opened, but even though AISD and City of Austin did a 2 hour delay, UT stuck with normal opening.

So since I'd taken my stuff to work on Monday, I ran to work on Wednesday! When it was 18 degrees! I was a little paranoid about frozen areas, so I was super careful. There were a few spots on the sidewalk on Spicewood Springs where people had run their sprinklers and there were sheets of ice, but they were all very noticeable and avoidable. The only other places I was nervous about was the pedestrian footbridge at Far West and the walkway on Speedway on campus. Neither of them had any ice at all.

And the cold wasn't too terrible. I dressed appropriately: capris at Matt's recommendation, tall socks (so no exposed leg at all), long sleeved shirt, warm long sleeved shirt, gloves, warm hat. Normally with all of that, I would end up venting something by the end because I was overheating, but I didn't vent anything for this run. Maybe the coldest run I've ever done? Not sure.

Anyway, it was fine. If I'd just been doing 7, I would have had the wind at my back the whole way, but since I added on, I had some wind in my face. Still not terrible.

10:50, 10:22, 9:58, 9:57, 9:55, 9:59, 9:51, 9:49, 10:14, 9:42, 9:42, 9:52
Monday, January 15th, 2018
4:06 pm
Date: 01/15/2018
Time: 11:20am
Duration: 1:29:28
Location: Neighborhood

Sport: Running
Workout: 9 mile run
Distance: 9.19 miles

Weather: 57, sunny
People: Alone

My original outline for this week's workouts looked remarkably like.. every other week. Run to work Tuesday and Thursday, long run Saturday, 3M half marathon on Sunday. Except it looks like Weather is going to invade Monday night/Tuesday morning, which means it's possible to likely that work will either start late or be cancelled completely. And I can normally roll with the punches, but this is my LAST build week, so I'd like to actually do all the runs. Since Tuesday is SO uncertain, I decided to do Tuesday's run on Monday, since I have it off work anyway. (Even if work is cancelled, the weather on Tuesday looks kinda terrible for running, or I'd just do it in the weather. 25mph winds when the temps are in the 20s does not appeal.)

I wasn't sure how my body would like running 3 days in a row, plus running super late for me, plus running in warmer temps in the sun, but.. actually it was probably the best run I've had in a while. Absolutely the best of the three consecutive runs. It was warm, but there was a breeze most of the time, and I just kinda felt.. normal. I figured I'd decide how long to run once I got out there, and 9 felt right.

I actually felt so good, I spur of the moment decided as I ran by Walgreens to run into Walgreens and pick up my prescription. Hoping it would fit in my handheld. And it did! And since there's no copay, it didn't matter that I had no money!

It was just a solid run. And certainly the fastest of the three consecutive runs, despite my legs probably being the most tired, what with accumulated fatigue.

So.. yay! Now it doesn't matter what happens on Tuesday, since it's a no-run day. I actually went ahead and took my stuff to work, so I could run to work on Wednesday. (I can take it tomorrow if tomorrow happens, but I didn't want that uncertainty.)

10:39, 9:57, 9:41, 9:35, 9:30, 9:38, 9:32, 9:26, 9:32
Sunday, January 14th, 2018
2:55 pm
Date: 01/14/2018
Time: 8:12am
Duration: 1:56:44
Location: Neighborhood

Sport: Running
Workout: 10-12 mile run
Distance: 11.66 miles

Weather: 35 degrees, sunny
People: Alone

Ugh. I knew Matt had to work, so my options were to either get up early and run before he went in, then drop him off and I'd have the car, or take him to work and then come home and run. Unfortunately I couldn't get myself out of bed early, but then I got up and didn't have enough time to run before he had to go to work, but knew that my motivation was already so low, if I took Matt (who wasn't even awake yet) to work and then came home, I'd never end up doing my run. So I sent Matt a message saying to just go to work when he needed to, and headed out to run, much later than I ever run. But it was still cold, if sunny.

I kept praising myself for even getting out the door, saying that even if I turned around and went home now, I'd still have done a run, which was an accomplishment, given how much I hadn't wanted to go run. I was actually a little sore from Saturday's run, my left quad and just kinda generally sore. But I kept going, mapping out the run in my head as I went. After having done all of Valburn, then going down to Cat Mountain, I realized I was going to come in well over 11, but not so close to 12 that I could just run a little extra to get it. And I realized I did not care enough to add on that much to get to 12, so I just ran straight in and got the distance that I got. And am perfectly happy with that.

This week wasn't perfect, but I got pretty close to being back on the track I'd planned before the train was derailed by illness. And I'm set up for one last week/weekend before I start tapering.

10:36, 10:34, 10:10, 10:09, 9:48, 9:52, 9:49, 9:46, 9:49, 9:40, 9:51
Saturday, January 13th, 2018
2:41 pm
Date: 1/13/2018
Time: 5:46am
Duration: 3:34:45
Location: Rogue/Shoal Creek

Sport: Running
Workout: 21 mile run
Distance: 21.24 miles

Weather: 30-35 degrees, sunny, light wind
People: Karen, and briefly Vicki!

I wasn't sure how my body would feel about doing my longest road run so far after a week of not running because I was sick. But I was gonna find out! Rogue only offered up to 16 miles, presumably because of impending 3M and the marathon coming up soon, so I figured out how we could extend the scheduled run and get to 21.

It wasn't the best-feeling run. My body just felt.. tired. And it was cold, which was fine for me, but Karen doesn't do well with cold, and so on the way out, with the wind in our faces, we barely talked, me because I wasn't feeling great, Karen because her face was so cold. We talked more on the way back in. It helped knowing I was more than halfway done. It took SO LONG to get to halfway, it felt like it would never end.

On the way back in, they'd already packed up the first aid station, which we expected. We both wore our hydration packs so we wouldn't really need the aid stations. But we made it to the next one just as she was packing up, so refilled there. Then she evidently called ahead to the last aid station and told her about us, so she was still there, too. We didn't really need to refill with 2 miles to go, but there was an adorable border collie there, so we stopped to pet. And while we were there, Vicki ran up! We chatted some, then Karen suggested we all run together, since Vicki was running home, which was past Rogue. So the last 2 miles, we caught up with Vicki, which helped get me out of my head about how long this run was.

Overall it was a solid physical run, even if it suffered a bit mentally. Partly it's that I'm tired of this training, I think. Partly that I'm still recovering from being sick. Partly even probably that I'm still recovering from the 20/30 weekend. Just a lot. But I got it done.

10:57, 10:21, 10:05, 10:01, 10:34, 10:19, 10:23, 10:02, 10:05, 10:01, 10:02, 9:57, 9:42, 9:54, 9:46, 9:51, 9:58, 10:08, 9:58, 10:10, 9:57
Thursday, January 11th, 2018
2:37 pm
Date: 01/11/2018
Time: 5:14am
Duration: 1:41:38
Location: Home to work

Sport: Running
Workout: Run to work
Distance: 10.06 miles

Weather: 60 degrees, humid
People: Alone

Warm humid run. One of those runs where everything just feels kinda off, combining into almost a bad run. But mostly just an uncomfortable run. My new shorts don't fit like my old ones, especially in warm, humid weather. It was humid. Cramps. Slightly wet, slippery roads. Coughing. Just.. a lot. But again, just kept moving forward, knowing that if I did so, eventually it would be over. I'm really trying to drive that point home, evidently. I know I'll need that wisdom for Rocky. On a whole other scale.

10:45, 10:11, 10:03, 10:09, 9:52, 9:52, 10:11, 9:54, 9:51, 10:10
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018
6:47 pm
Date: 01/09/2018
Time: 5:33am
Duration: 1:11:02
Location: Home to work

Sport: Running
Workout: Run to work
Distance: 7.11 miles

Weather: Low 40s
People: Alone

I had planned to spin after work on Monday, but I had a terrible headache and was so tired and just didn't feel great. So I instead just went to bed really early, and woke up feeling remarkably okay. Even though it was ~45, I decided to just wear a short sleeved shirt, and that turned out to be perfect. And when I started running, everything felt okay. I kept expecting things to fall apart, but they really didn't.

The run just felt.. really okay. The temp was perfect. My legs felt fine. I didn't cough while running. It never felt terrible. It was just.. a good run. I needed that.

I considered running longer than 7, since I felt good, but decided I'm not well yet, why push it? So I stopped at 7. And then coughed for the rest of the day. Gotta work on that part.

10:26, 10:01, 9:44, 10:05, 9:48, 9:46, 9:55
Sunday, January 7th, 2018
3:50 pm
Date: 01/07/2018
Time: 10:19am, 10:57am
Duration: 0:31:55, 0:37:54
Location: Pure Austin, Quarry Lake

Sport: Running
Workout: 3 mile treadmill run, 5k run around Quarry Lake
Distance: 3.0 miles, 3.36 miles

Weather: n/a, Low 60s, windy, overcast
People: Matt, Matt

To try to quell my crazy a bit, Matt suggested that, if we felt okay on Sunday morning, we try out our first run back on a treadmill at Pure. Temperature controlled, super easy to stop if it wasn't feeling good, minimal pressure. (Leaving out the part where I abhor running on a treadmill.) We couldn't start until 9, when the gym opens, so we just slept in until we were done, then headed over.

I still hate the treadmill, and so it was kinda hard to tell whether it sucked because treadmill or because running, but I managed to gut out 3 very slow miles.

I had told Matt if 3 miles on the treadmill felt okay, I wanted to do another 3 around Quarry Lake, so then we headed out there. I coughed a lot between the two runs. Yay.

The run around the lake felt so much better than the treadmill. I mean, it felt slow, and I hate that loop, but it was outside and not staring at a screen, I could run at the pace that felt good to me rather than what the treadmill was set to, and it was easier to talk, though neither of us did a lot of that. We were both struggling. And coughing.

But we did our 5 loops. If the weather had been like it was the day before, where it was humid and warm, we might not have made it. But it was windy and that helped keep it cooler, and so we made it.

It was a dismayingly slow and painful 6 mile run, given how short it was compared to any other run I've done in the last few months, but it was a RUN. And even though I coughed terribly afterward, I think I'll be okay.

I'm hoping this is me coming back, and I can fall back into my planned schedule for the last 3 weeks before taper, and I can be less crazy. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and my legs felt pretty okay, after 50 miles and then a full week off.

Oh, and I had been worried about having a run short enough to break in my new shoes. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE (a terrible illness that makes your runs shorter).
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